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Terris Moore
Terris Moore

Terris Moore was interviewed in 1993 by Mike Sfraga at his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Terris was in poor health at the time of the interview, so his wife, Katrina, was present and assisted in helping Terris recall stories and details. Most of the recording's content concerns Terris flying Bradford Washington to the West Buttress of Mount McKinley (now Denali) in 1951 when he pioneered that route. Terris' flights were key to providing support to the Mountain.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 93-02-11

Project: Denali Mountaineering
Date of Interview:
Narrator(s): Terris Moore, Katrina Moore
Interviewer(s): Mike Sfraga
Location of Interview:
Funding Partners:
National Park Service
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1) Flights in and around Mount McKinley in 1949 and 1951

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Section 1: Fairbanks -- 1949\ Diomede Islands\ Busia, Johnny\ Kantishna\ Kotzebue\ Mount McKinley Park -- Headquarters\ Pearson, Grant\ Washburn Expedition\ West Buttress Route\ Kahiltna Glacier -- 1st landing\ Chelatna Lake Lodge\ Moore, Katrina\ Crevasse\ Mt. Foraker\ Washburn, Brad|