Project Jukebox

Digital Branch of the University of Alaska Fairbanks Oral History Program


There were three Homer Communities of Memory story telling sessions that spanned over two days at the Land's End Resort in Homer on April 26 and 27, 1996. Listed below are the session topics and the people who spoke about them. For a transcript or access to the film, please contact the Project Jukebox office or the Pratt Museum in Homer, AK. 

April 26, 1996 - Tales of the Sea - People present: Wilma Williams, George Hamm, Sarah Robertson, Andy Wells, Marcee Gray, Dave Seaman, Bumpo Bremicker, Glen Hollowell and Clem Tillion

April 27, 1996 - One Hundred Years of Endurance - People present: Diana Tillion, Harry Gregoire, Homer Thompson, Thelma Gordon, Gert Seekins, Caroline Turkington, Wilma Williams, Inez Clendenen, Luella Smith, Joe Lawlor, Rita Weber and Lance Petersen

April 27, 1996 - Communtiy Ties - People present: Brad Hughes, Gary Lyon, Ralph Broshes, Don Ronda, Bob Moore, Victoria Wilson, Mark Marette, Sandy Miller, Lance Petersen, Phyllis Morrow, Pat Partnow and Susan Fair