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Person Photo Index

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Use this index to find names of people mentioned in photographs. (This index was created for the original Kiana Village History Project Jukebox in 2003 and entries were linked directly to photographs. It has not been possible to retain the links, but we have kept the index as a reference list.)

Armstrong, Mrs. (possibly)
Armstrong, Robert
Atoruk, Albertha
Atoruk, Ben
Atoruk, Bessie
Atoruk, Caroline
Atoruk, Effie
Atoruk, Ella
Atoruk, Ellwood
Atoruk, Jenny
Atoruk, Mary
Atoruk, Michael
Atoruk, Nellie
Atoruk, Peter
Atoruk, Richard
Atoruk, Robert
Atoruk, Roger
Atoruk, Stella
Atoruk, Wilbur

Baker, Marjorie
Baldwin, Lucy
Baldwin, Nellie Coffin
Ball, Mr.
Barr, Edward
Barr, Susie
Bernhardt, Hannah
Black, Amelia
Black, Andrew
Black, Anna (?)
Black, Anna Cook
Black, Inez
Black, Jackson
Black, Joe
Black, Josie
Black, Loren
Blankenship, Rob
Blastervold, Amelia
Blastervold, Ray

Casanoff, Jack
Clark, Florence
Cook, Harry
Cook, Walter

Douglas, Tommie
Downey, Angeline
Dugish, Stella

Ferguson, Archie

Garbin, Andrew
Garbin, Tony
Geffe, Carl
Geffe, Edmond
Geffe, Eugene
Geffe, Leo
Geffe, Mamie
George, Harry
Glover, Frank
Glover, Richard
Gooden, Angeline
Gooden, Cora
Gooden, Elmer
Gooden, Harold Sr.
Gooden, Leo
Gooden, Leo Nayuk (possibly)
Gooden, Lucy
Gooden, Winona

Hasway, Jimmy
Hawsay, Annie
Hecker, Amelia
Henry, Bessie
Henry, Jackson
Henry, Oscar
Henry, Oscar, Jr.
Henry, Paul
Henry, Ruth
Hunnicutt, Sharon

Jack, Fred
Jackson, Clara
Jackson, Florence
Jackson, Henry
Jackson, Isaac
Jackson, Lucy
Jackson, Marie
Jackson, Stonewall
Jackson, Susie
Johnson, Alice
Johnson, Annie
Johnson, Edith
Johnson, Jackie
Johnson, Joe
Johnson, Lillian
Johnson, Teddy

Kozak, Joe

Levy, Bill

Morena, Gloria
Morena, Merril
Morena, Warren
Morena, Willard

Outwater, Grace

Qapuk, Clara

Rogers, Roy
Russell, Glen

Sampson, Winona (possibly)
Sandvik, Ruth
Schaeffer, Leo Sr.
Schuerch, Lorenz
Schuerch, Lorenz Sr.
    with Arctic Cat
    group photo
    with Jimmy Hasway
    at old log cabin
    with Polaris snowmachine
    with Ray Blastervold
    skinning black bear with Robert Atoruk
    standing (in parka)
Schuerch, Lorry
    with brother, Vincent, at fish camp
    with dog team
    with father and others
    with grandfather, Teddy Westlake
    holding sheefish
    with mother, Pauline
    with other children
    panning for gold
Schuerch, Lorry Jr.
Schuerch, Pauline
    with dog team
    with Lorry
    with Lucy Baldwin in front of Kotzebue Grille
    with other children
    with Polaris snowmachine
    showing berries picked while out on a wheeled Arctic Cat snowmachine
    with Tony Garbin and Jenny Atoruk
Schuerch, Tony
Schuerch, Vincent
    with brother, Lorry, at fish camp
    Marjorie Baker holding
    with other children
    panning for gold
    Ruth Sandvik holding
Sheldon, Bessie
Sheldon, Tommie
Sheldon, Tommie Jr.
Sherman, Enoch
Smith, David
Smith, Dolly Johnson
Smith, Donald
Smith, Duffy
Smith,(Duffy or Johnnie?)
Smith, Johnnie
Stoney, Johnny
Stoney, Raymond
Stoney, Sophie
Strong, Helen

Thomas, Elsie

Wells, Delbert Jr.
Wells, Kitty
Wells, Martha
Wells, Myrtle
Wells, Nellie
Wells, Walter
Westlake, Calvin
Westlake, Jennie
Westlake, Larry
Westlake, Larry Sr.
Westlake, Teddy
Westlake, Theodore
Wise, Albert