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Lydia Bergman

Lindberg and Lydia Bergman

Lydia Bergman is a Koyukon Athabascan elder from Allakaket, Alaska. She was born in 1931 to Agnes Linus and Little William. She grew up living a traditional subsistence lifestyle which meant she was not able to attend much school since her family frequently moved from one seasonal camp to the other. She married Lindberg Bergman in 1947 and together they had eleven children. By the 1970s, Lydia began to work, doing jobs such as childcare, sewing, cooking, and being a janitor. In her younger days, Lydia was an active dog musher, one of the few women in the sport on the Koyukuk River, and won the Allakaket Spring Carnival races three years in a row. She also is very involved with the Episcopal Church, where she is a lay reader.

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