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Martin Jeffries

Martin Jeffries

Originally from England, Dr. Martin Jeffries is a research professor of geophysics with the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. His research concentration is ocean and lake ice, snow, and permafrost. He has conducted ice research projects throughout Alaska and in Antarctica. From 2001-2006, he directed the Alaska Lake Ice and Snow Observatory Network (ALISON) Project that got teachers and their students involved in studying ice conditions in their communities. From 2006-2010, Martin was the Program Director for the Arctic Observing Network in the Division of Arctic Sciences, Office of Polar Programs, National Science Foundation. He currently is Program Officer and Arctic Science Advisor in the Ocean, Atmosphere and Space Research Division, Ocean Battlespace Sensing Department, Office of Naval Research. Martin shared his scientific understanding of interior Alaska ice at the 2004 Dangerous Ice Workshop and participated in the February 2, 2006 Tanana River field trip for the Dangerous Ice Project.

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