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Michael Swisher

Michael Swisher

Michael Swisher first came to Alaska on vacation when he worked for Boeing Company in Seattle, Washington. He fell in love with the scenery and the people so he moved to Alaska to homestead. He chose to homestead in the Copper River Valley area because of the good farming there. He and his wife, Helen, live on the old Edgerton Road, where they raise grain and keep bees for the honey. They also have some rental properties on their land. Like many other homesteaders, Michael has done a variety of different jobs to make ends meet, from teaching school to working as a janitor in the school. Since moving to his homestead, Michael has kept temperature records and reported them to the National Weather Service. He is also an amateur radio operator and has talked with people all over the world. Michael Swisher died in 2007.

Date of Birth:
Jan 13, 1939
Date of Death:
May 2, 2007
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