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Henra Sundt

Henra Sundt

Henra Sundt came to Alaska in (1928?) and moved to Gakona, where she married Arne Sundt, who mined near Slate Creek. Together they began to operate the Gakona Lodge and Trading Post. A Norwegian immigrant, Henra had to teach herself English while acquiring the diverse skills needed to live in this harsh environment. Her husband's untimely death in 1949 thrust her into the position of working alone to raise her children and run the roadhouse, which she did with great success until she sold it to the Strang family in 1979. The lodge is on the National Register of Historic Places. In 2004, the Lodge was purchased from the Strang's by Valori and Greg Marshall.

Date of Birth:
Aug 3, 1908
Date of Death:
Jul 23, 2002
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