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Bud Seltenreich

Bud Seltenreich

Bud Seltenreich's family came to Alaska during the Chisana gold rush and ended up homesteading near the site of the Nizina Bridge. Bud was born in 1915 at the hospital in Kennecott, Alaska. His parents had a laundry service and operated a restaurant in McCarthy during the time the Kennecott Mine was functioning. He worked for Gillam Airlines and the McCarthy Garage as a mechanic and also worked for the Alaska Road Commission. He bought a plane with his two brothers in 1930 and they had one of the first airplanes in McCarthy. He was the chief mechanic at the Alaska Division of Pan American Airlines for many years in Fairbanks. He also operated a small flying school and flying service in Fairbanks in 1946, based in a Quonset hut on Week's Field. He had a few Taylorcraft airplanes, taught a minimal ground school, and was the former Flight Standards General Aviation District Office/Flight Standards District Office Manager. He was also chief of the maintenance branch of the Flight Standards Division for the Alaska region of the Federal Aviation Administration, and accepted a position in FAA’s headquarters in Washington in 1966.

Date of Birth:
Feb 15, 1915
Date of Death:
Nov 8, 1999
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