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Charles Ricci

Charles Ricci

Charles Ricci was born in Denver, CO. Following Army service, he married a woman from England and came to Alaska in 1947, the first year the Alcan Highway was opened. They lived in a tent early on and then bought 3 lots on Lois Drive where he built his house. In 1955 he built a lodge on a hill looking down on the Bird House along the Seward Highway. He called it Bird Creek Lodge and later became known as Jolly-Vi’s, and then Benny’s Mexican Paradise. In 1970, he married Inger Watsjold, who was born in Kennecott, and had raised a family in Seward. Charlie was a civil service maintenance man on the military bases prior to his retirement. They both loved the outdoors and went on many adventures in Alaska and abroad. They hiked the Chilkoot Trail together. Charlie loved to garden and spent countless hours in his greenhouse and beautiful yard. He was present during an interview with Inger in 1993 for the Wrangell-St. Elias Project Jukebox Click here for more information about Charles Ricci.

Date of Birth:
Mar 17, 1910
Date of Death:
Sep 25, 2011
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