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Inger Jensen Ricci

Inger Jensen Ricci

Inger Jensen Ricci was born at the hospital in Kennecott, Alaska in 1918 because her father was a carpenter at the Kennecott Mine. She lived there until 1932 when she moved to Seattle to go to high school. After high school, she went to business school in Seattle. She got married in 1938 in Cordova and was offered a job back at the mine as a typist. She was the only person to have been raised in Kennecott and also to work there. She hoped to be able to raise her family there, but that dream was crushed when the mine closed the day before Christmas in 1938. She and her husband moved to Seward where they operated a grocery store. She remarried in 1970 and lived in Anchorage with her husband until he passed away in 2011.  Click here to access the transcript of a 1990 interview with Inger by Ann Kain of the National Park Service for the Kennecott Kids Oral History Project.

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