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Virginia Pete

Virginia Pete

Virginia Pete grew up at Dry Creek and moved to Tazlina, Alaska after the United States Army forced the village to move from Dry Creek. Virginia has taught the Ahtna language since the 1970’s and continues to be a language consultant for the Ahtna Heritage Foundation in Glennallen. She, along with other Ahtna elders, assisted Dr. James Kari in writing the Ahtna Dictionary, which was published in 1990. She was a bilingual teacher for the Copper River School District in the 1980’s teaching language and sewing. She continues to assist Siri Tuttle in conducting Ahtna language classes at the Prince William Community College. She also attends Ahtna culture camps to teach customary and traditional fish cutting, language, and telling stories. She is an integral part of the preservation of Ahtna language and culture.

Date of Birth:
Jan 17, 1930
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