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Polly Hyslop

Polly Hyslop

Polly Hyslop is of Upper Tanana River Athabascan Dene and Scottish ancestry. She is a member of the Neesüü clan. She was born at a fish camp near the village of Northway in Interior Alaska. She spent her childhood in Northway, Galena and Tanana, Alaska. She grew up surrounded by lakes, creeks, and rivers. She earned her undergraduate degree in journalism, a master’s degree in justice administration, and her doctorate in Indigenous Studies at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Currently, Dr. Hyslop is a Research Professor of Indigenous Studies at Alaska Pacific University in Anchorage, Alaska. Her interest focuses on community-based design in creating dispute resolution practices such as peacemaking within Native communities. She has taught Indigenous Research Methodology and courses related to Indigenous dispute resolution and design. Along with teaching, she is a life-long language learner. She also works to document Indigenous language and knowledge. Her research focuses on community safety and well-being using language, connection to land and ceremonies. In 2009, she helped conduct, translate and transcribe interviews for the Alaska Highway Project Jukebox.

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