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Eva Dawn Burk

Eva Dawn Burk

Eva Dawn Burk is Dene Athabascan from Nenana and Manley Hot Springs, Alaska. She grew up living off the land at fish camp and along a trap line, and is committed to teaching the next generation about these practices and lifestyle. She is deeply involved with issues of food security and sovereignty of tribal lands in Nenana, and works with the non-profit Tlaa Deneldel, which is focused on working with Indigenous people interested in agriculture around the state. Eva is working on a master’s degree in sustainable agriculture with a minor in natural resources management and rural development. She has played a key role in fostering gardening in Nenana, including creation of a traditional medicine garden and working with Elders and youth to instill an interest in plants and agriculture. She also is an avid harvester of local plants for her own food and medicinal uses. Eva also is the vice chair of the Toghotthele Corporation, the village Native corporation for Nenana, and has been outspoken about the State of Alaska's 2022 Nenana-Totchaket Agriculture Project, and its impact to traditional lands, lifestyle and resource use.

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