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Simeon Kvasnikoff

Simeon Kvasnikoff

Simeon Kvasnikoff is a Sugpiaq Elder from Port Graham, Alaska. He grew up living a traditional subsistence lifestyle that included hunting, trapping, fishing, and gathering. It often required traveling long distances to get to good locations, some of which had shelter cabins. He developed a keen understanding of the local landscape and shoreline, the animals present, and the best techniques for capturing them. He is an expert carpenter, artisan, and storyteller. He eagerly shares his cultural and traditional knowledge with the younger generations, and his observations of environmental changes with researchers and scientists, such as in the book Imam Cimiucia: Our Changing Sea (Anne Salomon, Henry Huntington, Nick Tanape, Sr., Lisa Williams, James Kvasnikoff, Pat Norman, Alaska Sea Grant College Program, University of Alaska Press, 2011).

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