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Michelle "Ruby" Becker

Ruby Becker

Originally from Iowa, Michelle "Ruby" Becker moved to Eagle, Alaska in 2011. She had spent the previous twelve years living in Oregon. Ruby met her husband, Nate, online and since she was always attracted to the north and enjoyed nature and the outdoors, moving to Eagle with her two young daughters was an easy thing to do. In 2012, the Beckers bought property 32 miles below Eagle on the Yukon River (Wood Island), built a cabin that they moved into in the fall of 2013, and spent nearly ten years living a remote, subsistence-based lifestyle with their three children. Ruby worked in the tourism industry in Chicken, Alaska during the summer months to earn enough money to support the family and their lifestyle. After being faced with the challenges of homeschooling their children, in 2021 the Beckers moved into town and settled at Eagle Village. Ruby found a job with the Native Village of Eagle where she helps with administrative tasks and prepares regular hot lunches as part of the tribe's Elder's Services Program.

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