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Andy Bassich

Andy Bassich

Originally from Maryland, Andy Bassich moved to Alaska in 1980. He lives on the Yukon River in northeastern Alaska where he follows a seasonally-based lifestyle of fishing, hunting, and trapping. He splits his time between a home in the community of Eagle, Alaska and a remote cabin out on the river, and maintains a team of sled dogs that he uses for transportation. For twenty years, he worked as captain on the Yukon Queen tour boat that ran in the summertime on the Yukon River between Eagle and Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada. Andy is devoted to subsistence living in rural Alaska and is highly dependent on the fish and wildlife resources of the area, as well as being an avid gardener. He is a keen observer of the environment and, given his longevity in the region, has participated in research projects related to climate change and on subsistence and fisheries advisory panels and committees. Starting in 2013, Andy has appeared in the television program "Life Below Zero" on National Geographic Channel.

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