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George Shaw

George Shaw

George Shaw worked as a Civilian Operator and Shift Supervisor at the SM-1A Nuclear Power Plant at Fort Greely, Alaska between 1963 and 1968. He was one of a handful of civilian employees at SM-1A. George was born and raised in Alaska, and had been working as an engineer on tug boats in Whittier, Alaska before taking a job as an operator at the conventional power plant at Fort Greely in June 1962. George's extensive professional experience and time at Fort Greely led to an invitation to apply to the Army Nuclear Power Program's school at Fort Belvoir, Virginia later that year. He was accepted to the nuclear power training program at the age of 34 and ultimately specialized in health physics, radiation, and water chemistry. Following his five years at SM-1A, George was offered a job at Union Oil's petrochemical plant near Kenai, Alaska, which he accepted. He worked for Union Oil for twenty years, and is now retired and living in Kenai, Alaska.

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