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Jerry Woods

Jerry Woods

Jerry Woods is an Athabascan who was born and raised in Interior Alaska. His mother, Ruth Samuelson, was originally from Tanana, and his father was from Rampart. Jerry grew up in Manley Hot Springs, Rampart, and Tanana living a subsistence lifestyle and using dog teams for transportation. Eventually, the family moved to Fairbanks and his mother married his Moses "Moe" Samuelson who was originally from Bethel but moved to Fairbanks as a teenager. In the 1970s, Jerry worked for the Fairbanks Native Association (FNA), was an Alaska Federation of Natives staffer, and was a civil rights investigator. Jerry Woods is also a dog musher who competes regularly in local sprint races. For more about Jerry Woods and his dog mushing heritage, see a 2020 interview with him as part of the Dog Driver Show on Dog Works Radio.

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