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Jennie Ahkivgak

Jennie Ahkivgak

Jennie Ahkivgak was an Iñupiaq elder born in 1926 to Etta and William Ekolook on Flaxman Island, Alaska  She grew up along the Beaufort Sea Coast near Prudhoe Bay and on the Qalġusiḷik River, and as an adult moved to Utqiaġvik, Alaska (formerly known as Barrow). She remembers living a traditional subsistence lifestyle in the Kuparak, Sagavanirktok River, and Prudhoe Bay area before there was oil development and how the family moved around depending on the season. Jennie married Herbert Ahkivgak, an accomplished hunter and whaling captain, and together they raised a large family and shared the bounty of his hunting and whaling success with the community. Despite moving away, her family continued to own a Native allotment in the Prudhoe Bay area, which was taken over after the establishment of oil production facilities.

Date of Birth:
Apr 3, 1926
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