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Brett Carlson

Brett Carlson

Brett Carlson was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska and studied economics and accounting in Delaware. During the summers, he worked as a tour guide for the Alaska Railroad and for Northern Alaska Tour Company trips along the Dalton Highway. After he graduated from college, he gained permanent employment with Northern Alaska Tour Company, and in 2001, he started working year round for them in Coldfoot, Alaska. Coldfoot is a former mining camp, that became a construction camp when the Haul Road was being built, and in 1981 when the road was opened to more public access, Dick Mackey established it as a truck stop with accomodations, food, and fuel services (Coldfoot Truck Stop and Cafe). In 1990, Dick Mackey sold the business and in 1997 it was then purchased by Sukapak, Inc. a Fairbanks-based company. Sukapak now owns and operates the Coldfoot Camp and the Yukon River Camp, and manages Northern Alaskan Tour Company. As a tour guide, Brett offers a variety of tour packages that pertain to the Dalton Highway and surrounding area. During all his years working in tourism along the Dalton Highway and at Coldfoot and the historic town of Wiseman, Brett has become knowledgeable about the area's history and enjoys sharing it with visitors on summer driving and flying tours and during aurora watching trips to Coldfoot in the winter. Brett Carlson owns Northern Alaska Tour Company along with Matt Atkinson and Lee Kenaston.

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