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Susan "Sue" Will

Susan Will

Originally from Bismark, North Dakota, Susan "Sue" Will came to Alaska in 1973 to attend the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF). Her grandfather, George F. Will, was a well-known archeologist and historian, and at a very young age, she became interested in history, the outdoors, and archeology. Sue earned her bachelor's degree in archeology at UAF and her first Alaskan archeological fieldwork was in 1973 at Dry Creek, as part of the archeology survey and excavation project for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. At the age of twenty, Sue, along with twenty-one year-old Ruth Croxton, was the first female archeologist on the project. John Cook, project manager for the pipeline and Haul Road archeology project, fought a restriction that prevented the hiring of women, and recruited the first women. His efforts opened the door for other women. Sue worked on sites all along the pipeline route from Isabelle Pass to Atigun Pass to Pump Station 4 at Mile 270. In 1979, Sue was hired as an archeologist with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Fairbanks, Alaska, where her work focused on mining history, historic documentation in Wiseman and Coldfoot, mining compliance, and cultural resource management. In 2006, Sue was the Associate District Manager at BLM's Fairbanks District Office.

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