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Frank H. Turner

Frank Turner

fturnerft.gifFrank H. Turner was born in 1929 in Holy Cross, Alaska to George Turner, who was a trader, and Elia Dutchman, who was from Shageluk, Alaska. He spent his childhood in Shageluk and in the mining camps at Flat and Iditarod, attended school, learned to hunt and trap, and traveled the rivers by barge. He served in the military, received electrician training, and helped his father and his brother, Harry, run the Turner Store in Holy Cross. Frank preferred the outdoor life, and became a pilot and hunting guide. Eventually, Frank moved to Anchorage, where he worked for the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium traveling around rural Alaska inspecting health clinic construction projects. But he continued to return to Holy Cross for fishing, hunting, and village celebrations. For more about Frank H. Turner, see his 2019 interview for the Legacy of our Elders video series produced by Tanana Chiefs Conference.

Date of Birth:
Oct 5, 1929
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