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Johnson Stalker

Johnson Stalker

Johnson Stalker is Iñupiaq from Buckland, Alaska. His father, John Stalker, was a reindeer herder starting in the 1940s and his uncle, Ross Stalker, herded for the government with herders like Chester Sevik and brought reindeer to Noatak. Johnson grew up helping with the reindeer herding around Buckland and "learned to read deer" instead of ever getting much formal school education. When Johnson was twenty-one years old, he partnered with his uncle Ross to manage his herd. Ross handled the business aspects and Johnson took care of the reindeer. Over the years, Johnson learned more and more about reindeer and by the 1960s he took over all aspects of the herding operation. He has also trained reindeer to be sled deer. For more about Johnson Stalker and his experience as a reindeer herder, see a presentation he made to the Western Arctic Caribou Working Group at their 2012 meeting in Anchorage, Alaska.

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