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Rita Buck

Rita Buck

Rita Buck was born in 1952 in her grandmother's cabin in Golovin, Alaska. When Rita was three years old, her mother, Martha, married Steven Agloinga and they moved to White Mountain. She attended grade school in White Mountain and graduated from high school in Unalakleet in 1971. In 1973, Rita applied to be an alternate health aide in White Mountain and worked with and learned from Willa Ashenfelter. Rita received her health aide certification in 1987, became a full-time health aide in 1994, and in 2000 became a village supervisor/instructor (VSI) with the Norton Sound Health Corporation based in Nome, Alaska for the communities of Shishmaref, Brevig Mission, Elim, Koyuk and Shaktoolik. Rita's mother Martha Agloinga trained Willa Ashenfelter to be a health aide, then Willa trained Rita, and then Rita's daughter also has become a community health aide.

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