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Stan Zuray

Stan Zuray

Stan Zuray was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1950 and came to Alaska in the 1970s. He first lived in a cabin on the Tozitna River, a tributary of the Yukon River, and later settled in the village of Tanana, Alaska. Stan has spent the last forty years living off the land and waters of the region and learning traditional hunting, trapping and survival skills from the local Athabascan elders. Stan is a trapper, dog musher and fisherman. He has been conducting research on the Yukon River salmon population through his own business, Rapids Research Center, and providing critical population data to biologists and fisheries managers. Stan married his wife, Kathleen, who was from Tanana, and has raised a family in the community by following a subsistence lifestyle and working a variety of jobs. Stan was a cast member on the Discovery Channel's reality show, "Yukon Men." He also is author of a book about his life, Carry On: Stan Zuray's Journey from Boston Greaser to Alaskan Homesteader (co-author Tim Attewell, 2017).

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