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Tom Hyslop

Tom Hyslop

Tom Hyslop is originally from Northway, Alaska. Tom's father, Floyd, was from the Lower 48 and worked for the Federal Aviation Administration in Northway, where he met and married Tom's mother, Polly. The family moved around interior Alaska and in 1967 settled in Tanana where Tom continues to live. He is a hunter, trapper, fisherman, and dog musher who lives a subsistence lifestyle based upon living off of and traveling on the land. He has worked as a carpenter, served on the Tanana City Council and the Tanana Rampart Manley Fish and Game Advisory Council, and plays bass guitar in the local Tanana Band. Tom has also assisted university scientists in research projects, such as documenting spring river conditions and the amount of passing driftwood and sharing his knowledge of the local area.

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