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Mike Spindler

Mike Spindler

Mike Spindler came to Alaska in 1974 to pursue a master's degree in wildlife management at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) in Alaska for over forty years as a biologist, pilot and eventually as a refuge manager. During his early years, he worked for the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and the Selawik National Wildlife Refuge. In 1990, he was hired by Koyukuk/Nowitna National Wildlife Refuge as a supervisory wildlife biologist/pilot based out of Galena, Alaska, and in 2001 became manager of the Koyukuk/Nowitna National Wildlife Refuge Complex. Mike has been a passionate conservationist, a writer, a strong advocate for subsistence and a supporter of Native people and their culture. Living in rural Alaska, early on Mike saw the benefits of science better understanding traditional knowledge and in the mid-1990s recorded elders' stories, observations, and experiences relating to wildlife, fish, and subsistence in the Koyukuk and middle Yukon areas of interior Alaska and produced the Raven's Story radio series in coordination with KIYU-AM radio station and the Louden Tribal Council in Galena. In 2005, he was appointed manager of the Kanuti National Wildlife Refuge and moved to Fairbanks. He also helped initiate the Northwest Boreal Landscape Conservation Cooperative and in 2017 received a USFWS Career Service Award. He retired in 2018.

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