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Edward "Eddie" Hildebrand

Eddie Hildebrand

Edward "Eddie" Hildebrand was born in 1917 to Martha and Peter Esmailka in Nulato, Alaska. Eddie lived in Nulato his entire life. He raised four girls and a boy with his first wife, Alice. He then married Annie, and they raised two girls and three boys. In the early years, Eddie supported his family by trapping in the winter and fishing in the summer. For seven years, 1938-1945, he hauled the U.S. mail by dog team from Nulato to Koyukuk and Galena. Starting in 1950, Eddie worked construction jobs in summers, and eventually ran a small grocery business to help make ends meet. When not working, Eddie's favorite pastime was to go into the woods, whether for hunting and trapping, cutting firewood, or just to look around. Eddie Hildebrand passed away in 2014 at age 97.

Date of Death:
Oct 3, 2014
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