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Pollack Simon, Sr.

Pollack Simon, Sr.

Pollack Simon, Sr. was born in 1939 to Sarah and Lee Simon in Allakaket, Alaska. His father lived near Allakaket by the Koyukuk River just like his father before him, and his mother was from Allakaket. In 1942, his family moved to Hughes where he was raised. Pollack has lived a subsistence lifestyle of hunting, fishing and trapping his whole life and has had a long career as a dog musher. He has also worked as a heavy equipment operator and has been a crew boss on local firefighting crews for many years. He eventually moved back to Allakaket where he raised a family with his wife, Julia. Pollack shares his local knowledge by teaching about his cultural traditions and practices, including traditional trapping techniques, and by serving on the Western Interior Alaska Subsistence Regional Advisory Council.

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