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Hazel Strassburg

Hazel Strassburg

Hazel Strassburg was born in 1926 in Galena, Alaska. Her father was Charlie Evans, and mother was Elizabeth Evans from Koyukuk. Except for some brief times in Koyukuk and Nulato, Hazel lived her whole life in Galena. Hazel married Harvey Strassburg, an FAA employee, in Galena on June 15, 1945, and together they raised three children. Hazel was known throughout the region as a very independent subsistence hunter and fisher. She tended several fish nets in the summer, ran small traplines in the winter, and often went on long snowmachine hunting trips by herself. Hazel was often seen driving her four-wheeler or her small snowmachine around Galena and the surrounding trails. As an elder, she continued to be a very active subsistence harvester even into her late 70's, and shared her traditional knowledge with the younger generation. Hazel passed away in 2016 at age 89.

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