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Franklin Madros, Sr.

Franklin Madros, Sr.

Franklin Madros, Sr. was born in 1920 to Jack and Diana Madros in Kaltag, Alaska. He was one of the first four babies born in the newly forming village. He grew up living a subsistence lifestyle with his parents; hunting, trapping and fishing. He attended the Bureau of Indian Affairs school in Kaltag in 1926, only completing through the third grade. Franklin joined the U.S. Army in 1942 and served until 1946. He was primarily stationed in Alaska, but also traveled to the Lower 48 states. In 1949, he married Anna Agness Ruben of Kaltag. Franklin and Anna raised 14 children together. In 1950, Franklin was elected Traditional Chief of Kaltag. During his time as chief, Franklin was able to secure grants to build houses in Kaltag, and worked to have medical and mail services brought to the village through Fairbanks rather then routed through Nome. Franklin was a wildlands firefighter for over thirty years, working on fires in Alaska, Canada, and the Lower 48. He also spent twelve seasons working in canneries on the Alaskan coast. In winter, Franklin maintained a trapping cabin forty miles below Kaltag and a summer camp one mile above Kaltag. Franklin also served as mayor of Kaltag and helped incorporate the Tanana Chiefs Conference and work to oppose the Rampart Dam. He enjoyed playing cards and music, including his Native songs and country western songs on his guitar. Franklin Madros, Sr. passed away in 2006 at the age of 86. For more about Franklin Madros, Sr. see a profile of him prepared by the Tanana Chiefs Conference.

Date of Birth:
Mar 28, 1920
Date of Death:
Jul 29, 2006
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