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Amelia DeWilde

Lloyd and Amelia DeWilde

Amelia DeWilde was born in 1937 to parents Edwin Simon and Lydia Olin who lived along the Koyukuk River near the village of Allakaket, Alaska. For the first decade of her life, her family lived a nomadic lifestyle, mostly in tent camps, between Allakaket and Tanana. The family later moved to Whitefish Lake, about 12 miles south of Huslia. During that time, Amelia attended school off and on, but she preferred to live out in camp. She had her own dog team and trapline, and taught herself to read and write. At the age of 17, Amelia was traveling from Tanana to Huslia, by way of Ruby, when she met her husband-to-be, Lloyd DeWilde, who took great interest in her outdoor skills. In May 1955, Lloyd went to Whitefish Lake near Huslia to find Amelia, and they were married the following month. In 1960, Lloyd and Amelia left the Ruby area and homesteaded at Dutchman's Creek, about 15 miles below Ruby on the Yukon River. But Amelia missed the lakes, meadows, and sloughs of the Koyukuk, and in 1965 the family moved to an area northwest of the village of Huslia. Since then, Lloyd and Amelia have lived along the North Fork of the Huslia River, relying on what they could hunt, fish, trap, and grow in a garden to raise their 14 children. Even as elders, Lloyd and Amelia continued as long as possible to live at their remote homestead, which was a six hour boat ride or a three and a half hour snowmobile ride away from Huslia. Besides the usual subsistence tasks, Amelia spent much of her time knitting and beading. Amelia DeWilde passed away in 2003 at the age of 65.

Date of Birth:
Sep 28, 1937
Date of Death:
Mar 18, 2003
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