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Martha Siikauraq Whiting

Martha Siikauraq Whiting

Martha Siikauraq Whiting is from Kotzebue, Alaska. She grew up living a traditional subsistence lifestyle focused on fishing, hunting, berry picking, and speaking her native Iñupiaq language. Martha has served as mayor of the Northwest Arctic Borough, has been an Environmental Education Specialist for the Selawik National Wildlife Refuge where she worked on school programs, public outreach, and the local science-culture camps, and has been a translator and provided Iñupiaq language programming for Kotzebue's public radio station (KOTZ). Her husband, Alex, is the Director of the Environmental Program for the Native Village of Kotzebue, and they have one daughter. Siikauraq is currently the Planning Director for the Northwest Arctic Borough in Kotzebue.

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