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Dorothy Brady

Dorothy Brady

Dorothy Brady was born in Skagway, Alaska in 1958 to Bea Hillery (Lingle) and John O'Daniel, and grew up in Skagway being raised by her mother, and step-father, Ben Lingle, who operated the hardware store and Skagway Air Service. At age 18, Dorothy moved away from Skagway, and lived in Juneau, Gustavus, and on the Aleutian Islands. She returned to Skagway in 1996, where she met and married her husband, Jeff. Dorothy is an avid gardener, having started gardening in the Aleutians and homesteaded in Gustavus for 16 years. In 2011, the Bradys bought the old Hanousek Homestead in Dyea, and renovated the buildings on the property and have made it the base for a writers and artist in residence program, as well as their summer retreat home. Dorothy maintains a large garden in Dyea as well as in Skagway. As an active outdoorswoman her entire life and an attentive gardener, Dorothy is a keen observer of the natural environment around Skagway and Dyea, and has witnessed changes from her childhood in the 1960s to the present.

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