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Joanne Beierly

Joanne Beierly

Joanne Beierly was born in Seattle, Washington, and moved to Skagway when she was in high school when her father came to the area for a job as a heavy-duty mechanic on the Black Lake Road construction project. She graduated from Skagway High School, where she met Andrew Beierly. They were married in 1965 and together raised two children in Skagway. After her children were grown, Joanne worked as a teacher’s aide, at the Skagway library, and in the Skagway Museum. Joanne is a founding member of the Skagway Bird Club and has been heavily involved with the rescue of injured or sick birds, and participates in the annual Christmas bird count. As nature lovers and outdoors people, Andy and Joanne are keen observers of their local environment and the natural world. They walk Skagway's beach everyday observing the birds, the changing seasons, the weather patterns, and collecting a variety of items along the shoreline. In 2016, Joanne collected 41 carcasses of dead common murres from the beach in Skagway, and along with Elaine Furbish, was concerned about this large-die-off and they sent the specimens out for scientific analysis to determine cause of death.



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