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Lynne Cameron

Lynne Cameron

Originally from Idaho, Lynne Cameron first came to Alaska in 1980 to visit her parents and her sister who were living in Anchorage at the time. She fell in love with Alaska and made it her home. She moved to Skagway in 1987, where she worked a variety of jobs, including janitor, hotel housekeeper, and tour guide until eventually returning to her previous nursing career and became the family nurse practitioner at the medical clinic in Skagway. In the 1980's, when Skagway was first facing possible lead contamination from ore trucks passing through town to the docks, Lynne was an active participant in the community's response with the "Get The Lead Out" group, and having concerns about health effects. After about twenty years, she retired from her nursing job in 2016, and continues to reside in Skagway, where she enjoys gardening, beekeeping, and a variety of outdoor recreational activities. As a long term Skagway resident whose life has focused on the natural world, Lynne has observed and is concerned about environmental and climate change in her community.

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