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Tahzay Jones

Tahzay Jones

Tahzay Jones grew up in Arizona, and earned an undergraduate degree in biological sciences from the University of Chicago, and a PhD from the University of Miami focused on invertebrate animals in the marine environment and how the influences from coastal runoff impacted the near-shore environment. He then left the sciences and pursued his interests in art, design, theater, photography, and videography. After a number of years, he regained an interest in science and came to Alaska as a technician working for the Katmai National Park based in King Salmon. He is currently the Oceans and Coastal Programs Coordinator for the National Park Service Alaska region, based in Anchorage, Alaska. In this position, he has conducted research on the coastal lagoon system of the Seward Peninsula around Bering Land Bridge National Preserve, on coastal erosion, and on the impact to the ecosystem and subsistence due to changes in sea ice and the maritime and riverine environments.

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