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Eileen Devinney

Eileen Devinney

Originally from Pennsylvania, Eileen Devinney came to Alaska in the early 1990s and worked for the National Park Service for twenty-five years in various capacities, including as curatorial assistant, archeological field assistant, cultural resource program manager and cultural anthropologist for the Western Arctic National Parklands, and regional coordinator for the Native American Graves and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA). Eileen earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania and a master's degree in museum studies from the University of British Columbia in 1997. She was a leader in working to establish appropriate contacts and protocol for communications with Alaska's Native communities, and frequently provided advice to new managers or those unfamiliar with local situations. She worked on Native place name, subsistence, and other cultural documentation projects in northwestern Alaska, and was known for treating others with understanding and respect. In 2012, Eileen received an Appleman-Judd Lewis Award, which recognizes National Park Service employees who excel in the field of cultural resource stewardship and management. Eileen passed away in 2017 at the age of 51. For more about Eileen Devinney, see a tribute to her in the Alaska Anthropological Association newsletter.

Date of Death:
Sep 21, 2017
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