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Janet Henry

Janet Henry

Janet Henry was born in Seattle, Washington. In 1980, she got a job at the cannery in Larsen Bay, Alaska, where she worked in the Egg House. She met her husband, Harvey, at Larsen Bay, and starting in 1981 traveled with him every summer to work in the cannery at South Naknek. She worked in the Egg House, was a waitress in the mess hall, and worked in the laundry. After having her first daughter, Janet was able to bring her to work with her, and her two daughters have fond memories of growing up around the cannery. The Henrys were fortunate to be able to have their family at the cannery with them. During the winter, Janet and her husband, Harvey, and their two daughters lived in Deming, Washington, where they settled permanently in 1995, after they stopped working in Alaska canneries.

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