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Carvel Zimin, Jr.

Carvel Zimin, Jr.

Carvel Zimin, Jr.was born in South Naknek, Alaska to Annie and Carvel Zimin, Sr. He has a long family connection with Alaska Packers Association (APA) cannery in Naknek, with his grandfather, Nick Zimim, being winter watchman starting in 1927, then his father, Carvel Zimin, Sr., being winter watchman and storekeeper, and finally, his older brother, Clyde, being winter watchman. Carvel, Jr. officially started working for the cannery in 1977 after he graduated from high school, but as a young teen he stocked store shelves for his father. Carvel worked on the beach gang, on the cannery's fall/spring crew while commercial fishing in the summertime, and in 2001, he became the winter watchman. He has been married to Shirley (Grindle) Zimin, the daughter of his father's best friend, for forty years, and they have raised their children and grandchildren immersed in the fishing and cannery culture of the Bristol Bay region.

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