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Grant Spearman

Born in Washington in 1951, Grant came to Alaska in the 1970s as an archeologist. He did archeology clearance work during construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, which introduced him to the Brooks Range and life in the north. He lived in Anaktuvuk Pass for over thirty years, living one of the community's last remaining sod houses, and was Curator of the Simon Paneak Memorial Museum from the facility's founding until his retirement around 2009. Grant has done extensive research and writing about the history and culture of the Nunamiut, including historic site documentation on the Killik River, working with elders Arctic John Etalook, Elijah Kakinya, Justus Mekiana, and Zacharias Hugo to document the traditional ways of the Ulumiut and the Nunamiut, and has produced educational and exhibit material.

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