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Dallia Andrew

Dallia Andrew

Dallia Gregory Andrew is a Yup'ik elder from Igiugig, Alaska. She grew up as one of thirteen children in her family living at Kukaklek Lake where her  father, Alex Gregory, was a reindeer herder, and on the Kvichak and Alagnak Rivers. In those days, people moved around a lot following the resources by season. She grew up at various camps hunting, fishing, trapping, and berry picking. In later years, Dallia's father went commercial fishing in Bristol Bay to earn money to support the family, and was a reader in the Russian Orthodox church. In 1960, she married Mike Andrew, and together they raised three sons on the Branch River until having to move into Igiugig for school. When Mike and Dallia were interviewed together, they took turns talking; often reinforcing each other's stories by saying that they wanted to add something else. Sometimes they would request to provide information in the next recording session, and then they would develop a theme such as Native notions of conservation.

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