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Vera Angasan

Vera Angasan

Vera Angasan was a Sugpiaq (Alutiiq) elder who was born at Ugashik, Alaska on October 4, 1924 to Joe and Anishia Kie. Vera was orphaned and raised by Pelagia and One-Arm Nick Melgenak in New Savonoski, Alaska. She married Trefon Angasan, Sr. and together they had ten children, whom they took to Kittiwik camp at the mouth of Brooks River to obtain their year's supply of redfish. They also used other parts of Katmai National Park to gather food for the year, from collecting seagull eggs to hunting moose and bear, to gathering plants, both for medicine and food. Eventually, Vera became the matriarch of the large Angasan family of South Naknek, Alaska, including mother to Ted Angasan, Sr. and Mary Jane Nielsen. Vera Angasan passed away on December 2, 2016 at the age of ninety-two in Anchorage, Alaska. For more about Vera, see her obituary in the Alaska Daily News newspaper.

Date of Birth:
Oct 4, 1924
Date of Death:
Dec 2, 2016
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