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Hajo Eicken

Hajo Eicken

Dr. Hajo Eicken is Professor of Geophysics at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) and Director of the International Arctic Research Center at UAF. His research focuses on sea ice geophysics and the importance of sea ice in Arctic social-environmental systems. He has helped build an integrated sea-ice observatory in northern Alaska as an interface between geophysical and local knowledge of ice conditions and hazards. Hajo has published and presented extensively about both the science and traditional knowledge of northern sea ice and has done numerous collaborative projects with local experts. He has also taught a field course on sea ice research methodology, where fieldwork was conducted in Utqiaġvik, Alaska (formerly known as Barrow), and many of the sessions were filmed for future use. On a broader scale, he has worked towards the establishment of an observing network to improve understanding and responses to rapid Arctic change. Videos of Hajo talking about why sea ice is so fascinating, differences in local and scientific understanding of ice, and changes in the Arctic sea ice cover can be viewed on the Arctic Stories project website.

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