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Rachel Craig

Rachel Craig

Rachel Craig was born in 1930 in Kotzebue, Alaska. She grew up speaking her native Iñupiaq language and living a traditional lifestyle, where they relied upon hunting seals and caribou, fishing, and berry picking for their food and used dogteams to travel between town and seasonal camps. She was well known as an Iñupiaq language linguist and educator who documented, preserved, and passed on knowledge about Iñupiaq history and language in the Kotzebue region. She was director of the Material Development Center for the Northwest Arctic School District where she developed school curriculum incorporating Iñupiat language and traditions, she helped organize the first Elders' Conference in Kotzebue, and later served on the Kotzebue Elders Council. Rachel facilitated and participated in the Communities of Memory public storytelling event held on February 29 to March 2, 1996 in Kotzebue, Alaska where local residents spoke about their memories of and experiences related to the military. Rachel Craig passed away in 2003.



Date of Birth:
Dec 6, 1930
Date of Death:
Oct 16, 2003
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