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Ron Hogan

Ron Hogan

Originally from Kentucky, Ron Hogan came to Alaska in 1960 after graduating from Western Kentucky University with his bachelor's degree. He followed his wife who he met in college who was originally from Fairbanks. Ron became a schoolteacher with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, teaching in Kotzebue and Elim, and then was high school principal in Kotzebue. Ron also has a degree from the University of Alaska in Fairbanks in secondary education, and a master’s degree from Western Kentucky University. Ron retired from his career in education in 1977 and operated a number of private businesses in Kotzebue, including a store and the farthest north Dairy Queen restaurant. He retired again in the late 1980s. At age 78, Ron and his wife continue to live in Kotzebue. They are active in the community supporting education and being devoted high school basketball fans, and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings by regularly visiting their remote cabin on the Noatak River.

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