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Daryl Miller

Daryl Miller

Originally from northern California and Oregon, Daryl Miller was a climbing and patrol ranger for the National Park Service in Denali National Park starting in 1989 and has been of crucial importance to the climbing program at Denali, both on the mountain as search and rescue coordinator and in Talkeetna as a seasoned ambassador to Denali mountaineering. Daryl has an exceptionally varied background, ranging from combat soldier in Vietnam, to rodeo clown, to consummate climber and ranger. He first got involved with climbing in 1978 while in college, climbed a lot in the Canadian Rockies, and then in 1981 came to Alaska to climb Denali. He has since done a significant amount of mountaineering in the Alaska Range and on Denali. One accomplishment in particular was in 1995, together with fellow Talkeetna climber Mark Stasik, Daryl completed the first circumnavigation of the Denali massif in winter. After being diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2000, Daryl Miller gave up the job of chief mountaineering ranger and served as South District Ranger for Denali stationed at Talkeetna until he retired in December 2008 and moved to Anchorage. For more about Daryl Miller, see "An Alaska Life Lived Large" in the Anchorage Daily News newspaper.

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