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Michael "Mike" Miller

Mike Miller

Michael "Mike" Miller was born in 1941 to Richard "Dick" and Grace Miller. The family moved to Seldovia in 1945, when Mike was four years old, after his father got a job as a bush pilot flying for Harry White whose business was based out of Kenai. After he stopped flying around 1951, Dick Miller became a police officer in Seldovia. He died of cancer in 1956, so Grace moved her family back to California where they had lived before coming to Alaska. Mike was fifteen years old and proceeded to return to Seldovia in the following summers to work on fishing boats. Eventually, Mike returned to Alaska and fished around Seldovia, Kodiak, Prince William Sound, the Bering Sea, and the Aleutian Islands both for other captains and with his own boat. Mike has fond memories of growing up in Seldovia, playing on boats, trapping, catching fish and crabs, the warm people and sense of community, and the look and feel of the place before reconstruction by the Urban Renewal program after the 1964 Earthquake. In 1975, Mike returned to live permanently and raise his family in Seldovia. Mike retired from commercial fishing in 2011, and enjoys the company of his daughters and grandchildren.

Date of Birth:
May 21, 1941
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