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Lorraine Titus

Lorraine Titus

Lorraine Titus is an Upper Tanana Athabascan from Northway, Alaska. Her grandparents were Chief Walter Northway and his wife, Lilly, from the Northway area, and on her father's side were Peter Albert and Elsie Northway, with Peter being originally from the Copper River area. She was born and raised in Northway and grew up living a subsistence lifestyle. She worked at the school for thirty five years, and was a teacher's aide, community health aide, and an alcohol counselor. She is a member of the village's tribal council and the Wrangell-St. Elias Subsistence Resource Commission, and has served as a board member for their local village ANSCA corporation. As a speaker of the Athabascan language, Lorraine has been active in cultural revitalization and the organization of a local dance group.

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