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Joseph "Josie" Carlough

Joseph Carlough

Joseph "Josie" Carlough is Alutiiq and was born in 1933 in Portlock/Port Chatham, Alaska, thirty miles down the coast from Seldovia. His family moved into Seldovia when he was nine years old after a fire destroyed the Portlock community. From the age of one year old, Josie was raised by his mother, after his father was killed in an accident while working on a pile driver. His mother was from Port Graham, Alaska and his father from the Lower-48. Josie grew up in Seldovia and spent his life working in the fishing, boating, and cannery industry in Seldovia and Kodiak. He eventually owned his own boat and did gillnetting for salmon, crab fishing, and tendering for herring from Bristol Bay to Prince William Sound.

Date of Birth:
Jan 7, 1933
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